Green Living Philosophy

by Chris Chameleon

The concept of sustainable or Green living is receiving ever increasing attention. The impact of human industry upon the planet’s ecosystems and weather patterns, and ultimately on humans themselves, has soared to levels never before anticipated and with consequences never foreseen.

Whereas most of us agree that we are adversely affecting the very health of the planet, we are slow to implement the actions that halt, ameliorate and eventually reverse this damage. The reason for this sluggish response is simple: It’s just too much trouble!

Living Green seems like a lot of trouble. It seems to involve constant sacrifice of the luxuries we have become accustomed to and we fear that it requires a new, frugal lifestyle that resembles that of a hermit from the dark middle ages, rather than that of a dynamic 21st century global citizen.

Smart people are beginning to understand that this holds no truth. The Verkykerskop Development Consortium chose to join the worldwide movement of people putting their money where their mouths are, and in South Africa at least, signals the dawn of a new era in Green Living.

Combining the age old practical wisdom of nature understood by our ancestors who lived off the veld in this area, with the genius of modern science’s finest technology as reflected in the style and finishing of urban designers Gary White, Verkykerskop Country Village defines its own unique brand of Green Living and sets the standards which will open the way for others to follow.

The holistic approach of the Verkykerskop developers and their professional team enables our villagers to farm, play and live free and in harmony with nature in this beautiful environment.

We have attended to all living aspects in this exciting development, including opportunities for home food production and participation in estate farming, water and waste management systems, recreational facilities and the outdoors, living opportunities, and options for integrated building systems.

The time for talking and dreaming is over and the time for action and reward is now a reality with the Verkykerskop Development. My choice a few years ago to invest in this area and make it my home is turning out all for the better, and I feel myself privileged to be an investor in the Verkykerskop Plaasdorp development. Should our living philosophy appeal to you, you are welcomed to visit our village and if you like it (which I’m sure you would), become part of our warm farming community.

Proudly Verkykerskopper
Chris Chameleon