Development Components

In the Inner Village around the town square, provision is made for a chapel, business, art galleries and kiosks, overnight accommodation, and village apartment/art studio combinations. The inner village on both sides of the main junction on the tar road will be freely accessible to the general public.

East of and adjacent to the inner village Aansluit Village will allow for 100 village residential units. While these stands will be within the secure-fenced conservation and farming area, they will be fully integrated with the inner village through controlled access. Whereas the residences closer to the inner village may cater for the lock- up-and-go taste, the larger stands at the perimeter of the village will be an attractive option for a home from home for the sportsman and nature lover, facing north east overlooking the valley and adjoining the equestrian activities. The entire village lies on a north facing downhill which is ideal for optimum view and exposure to the winter sun.

Right next to the inner village, access is gained to Aansluit Landgoed, the original farmstead, where provision will be made for a landscaped green area within which the stables, stock pens for other domestic animals, and an open theater will be situated. The original fruit grove and vegetable garden is being revived.

The Uitspan Buiteklub will include the polo and jumping turf, tennis courts, squash court, bowling green and gymnasium. We have already laid out the gymkhana turf. Through the club, outdoors activities will be offered that may include hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, abseiling, and fly fishing. The club will serve multiple users as it will be available to the learners of a neo-ruralism private school that will be established in the village, club membership will be opened to the community at large, and tourists will be welcomed at a day fee.
Separated from the village but at walking distance down the gorge in a very secluded natural setting, two traditional hamlets will be created. Annasdale Hamlet on the west cliff will overlook the site of the historic Brakdal farmstead, where the Buitepos hamlet will be established around a boutique hotel at the old homestead site. The two hamlets will comprise 60 small traditional country cottages in a number of clusters, each with its own natural sense of place.

Eastcliff Estate will be developed further away from the village on the eastern escarp, overlooking the Meul River valley and the mountain ranges to the south. Only 12 very exclusive estate stands of average 1ha size were selected with the objective to maximize privacy and view, and are also conveniently situated right next to the planned airfield on the adjacent plateau.

A total of 160 up-market residential stands is thus envisaged on the land owned by Verkykerskop Nedersetting Ontwikkeling within the secured-fenced area east of the tar road. On a dedicated site adjacent and just north of the police station we will develop employees quarters and limited subsidized housing (60 units), and will make land available for a public school and a public clinic.

In addition to some existing hospitality and retail uses in the historic part of the village west of the tar road, Verkykerskop Tourism cc has embarked on the development of the Green Fingers which comprises of a maximum of 30 burger erven. The estate will be served by a system of water furrows along which enchanting paths will be created where visitors can buy fresh produce from the gardens and groves irrigated from the furrows. The life style theme of Green Fingers is self-sustainability and energy self-sufficiency.


A range of living opportunities will be available in terms of density,style and arrangement. The urban footprint, urban structure, and architectural style was pre-designed by Gary White Architects who are urban design specialists. Around the dorp square high density properties (400m2) will be provided, integrating perhaps art studios on the ground floor and overnight accommodation or lock-up-and-go studios in the loft or back yard. Inner village stands will be larger (averaging 800m2) but residences will be still close enough together to afford fully landscaped streets and open spaces which will enhance the country village theme. All these units in the village will be served with grid electricity.

Towards the perimeter of the village, the size of properties will increase (to around 1500m2), allowing for larger garden homes. The open spaces between them will also increase, so that residents and even animals can walk freely through. These residentses will be self-sufficient for its energy needs as per appropriate architecture and energy technology.

The farm living lifestyle with its space and independence is enhanced by the provision of the burger erven of Green Fingers, surpassed only in exclusivity by the estate stands of Eastcliff. The latter are the furthest separated from the tar road and village at the end of a gravel track that leads through a number of farm gates. While the type of fencing of these plots will be controlled for aesthetics and so as to allow the free movement of game, these stands will provide the ultimate in terms of space in the landscape, seclusion, and freedom of building style. The locality of the runway close by puts these stands in the top notch of the market.

The hamlets will meet the desires of the buyer seeking exclusivity and privacy within a pristine natural setting whilst still retaining the safety and comfort afforded by few but close neighbours. Although the stands will be small (around 400m2), the placing of the hamlet clusters will maximize views, following contours and respectfully engaging fountains, dams, existing forests and the historic buildings.

From the rolling topography, the view on the distant peaks, the space between houses, and the close vicinity of the village square, a special feel and character will result that may range from anything like a small a turn-of-the- century midlands town, with the hamlets being reminiscent of frontier living.