Aboukir Arabian Stud

“Abukir” is the name of the Egyptian city where Napoleon defeated Seid Mustafa Pasha of the Ottoman Empire in 1799. It was in this era and from this part of Egypt that Europe received one of its greatest blessings ever from Africa in the form of excellent hotblood genes.

“Aboukir Arabian Stud” was registered in 1985 by Theo and Marvel van Hasselt of Zastron, Freestate, SA. The stud produced excellent working, breeding, and sports horses, many of which excelled at the Fauresmith national endurance race. Breeding was stopped and the stock much reduced since 2002 when Theo retired. Fortunately, in 2006 his daughter, Dr Anli Grobler, managed to gather a few brood mares from the orignal Aboukir stock and revived Aboukir’s breeding programme, with its new home at Aansluit Landgoed, Verkykerskop, north-eastern Freestate. Ownership and management of the stud have been taken over by young PJ Grobler, who is resident on the farm since 2017.